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How To Get Approved For Your Submissons?
1. You must use Different Variations for SEO “Titles” and SEO “Descriptions” from your blog for articles on joyoge! Because Searh Engines are not like dublicated contents.
Examples below:
* title on your blog: Riverside WordPress Theme (low seo)
title on joyoge: Free Premium Textured Photo Pholio WordPress Themes (high seo)
* title on your blog: Best 20+ SEO Plugins for WordPress (normal seo)
title on joyoge: Best List Of SEO Plugins For WordPress CMS Platform (best seo)
Tips for SEO Descriptions: you can use a second paragraphs from your article for your submissions.
2. You can also submit Long Articles with tutorials, videos, promotional competitions and giveaways etc. in to description area!
3. Do not make direct Advertise and do not submit links to your direct Homepage!
4. Do not use your site logo image for Articles!
5. Submissions with CAPITAL LETTERS will be rejected!
6. Submission Titles must be Capitalize Each Word!
7. We will accept in English with Design Topics for Articles!
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