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The Importance Of A Company Portfolio When Deciding On a Web Design Agency

The Importance Of A Company Portfolio When Deciding On a Web Design Agency

When searching through search engines such as Google for web design agencies you will find that there are literally thousands of results. With so many web design agencies available, which one should you choose? There is one important question that will most likely be on your mind and that’s: “Are they reliable?”

The importance of a company portfolio when deciding on a web design agency is so great that it should never be avoided. Every web development agency should have a company portfolio and if not, then it’s time to move on. Their company portfolio will allow you to check their services, reputation and achievements. So in short, a web design agency’s company portfolio acts as an eye-opener to the audience and gives them all the information that they need to make a decision. Make sure you like what you see before making any decisions or you may end up regretting it.


A web design agency’s company portfolio will really give you an insight as to how credible and skilled they really are. Make sure you check with some of their noted references as well to see what their customers are really saying. The web design agency may boast excellence and guarantee on their website but how do we know that this is really true? The only way is to check with references of course.

Previous Work

Company portfolios generally also have links and images to some of their recent work which are considered as achievements. This will normally consist of different web designs and graphic designs for varying businesses so be sure to check everything out in-depth before making a decision as to which web development agency you are going to choose. Try checking some of their live links in your web browser if there available as this will give you a better feel of their work.

Skill Sets

The agencies skill sets should all be listed within their company portfolio to and from which you can determine whether or not they will be suitable for your project. So for example, if you want a web site designed and this website will also have contact forms and products then you will need to ensure the agency is skilled not only in web design but with languages such as ASP and PHP as well as database technologies such as MSSQL and MySQL. When looking for a web development agency to build or redesign your website, explain the project to them in as much detail as possible and ensure they understand he aims you are trying to reach.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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